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Hotel "International Youth Center - Gornie Vershini"

The only nine- storey hotel in Dombai with a warmed up 25 m swimming pool.

Hotel "Gornye Vershiny" is the part of the well-known in the previous Soviet Union "Sputnik" system. The hotel is situated in the very center of Dombai Valley. In the glorious past this International (Youth) Tourist center really collected the foreigners for which it had been built.

The shortest distance from the Hotel to the wagon funicular (about 50 meters) is very attractive for skier and snowboarder to live in the hotel "Gornye Vershiny". The armchair funicular, is not too far - 150 meters.

The hotel is a quite presentable, especially as it was reconstructed not long ago (in December 99), all the apartments on the 8-th floor and some in the other floors were totally restored to modern stile. Now there are accommodations in ordinary DBL, TRPL and four person apartments with a shower-bath(hot water) and WC. Special DBLs on 8-th floor have TV's In the hotels hall there is Kodak service (you can hire a camera there) + cinema hall + 25 meters warmed up swimming pool with a tower for high diving + sauna with bathing and a way out to the swimming pool + table tennis + cafe & teahouse with a chimney hall, very popular dancing hall on the 9-th floor.

Since Winter 2002 there opened Bawling and Casino. to the 50 meters to the Narzan string)

It is the Hotel "Gornye Vershiny" where all the Dombai tourists, skiers and boarders come each night apress-ski.

Short distance to funicular
Apress-ski infrastructure (the only 25 m swimming pool in Dombai and it is free for the Hotel guests)

Unfortunatelly stil not all the appartments are restored to modern stile. So in high season they may be booked before you try to to this.
If you stay in "Special" (restored) DBL on 8-th floor you may not like the dancing sounds on the next (9-th floor) all the night.

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