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The picture story on November, 6th 2009

Now in Dombai there is the Tourism-Information Center "Bars".
Now in Dombai there is a place where every tourist can get all information about Dombai (Dombay), it's possibilities, services, prices!
The Center is working daily 09:00 - 18:00.
For contact: Ski lift station (PPKD "Dombai"), Dombai, Karachaevo-Cherkesia
More about Tourism-Information Center

Helicopter is parking and refueling on a small valley 2 km far from Dombai. Last parking place near "MMC Gornye vershiny" now is busy. Heliboarding tour costs 480 Euro per full day (4 descends). Nearest heli dates are totally booked by the team of foreign millionaires. As to their equip and video facilities they are rather billionaires too cool to buy guides. Of course these dates the Heliprogram is closed for other heli funs.

New snowcat appeared in Dombai. Looks quite cool - two times bigger then the couple of old. In addition it has some super powered modern cutter which can prepare the slopes for more suitable skiing. Unfortunately these days it is busy with assistance to run new cabin lift.

Helicopter MI-8 from Elbrus-avia (the same as recent years) came Dombai to start working with new Dombai Heli-ski program. It will stay till the end of March!.

First Heli-ski clients will be the foreigners from Austria, Belgium, Canada and Spain. They are going to ski till 18.02. This Friday they used to overlook the
Slopes beyond the Semenov-Bashi mountain.

News from Dombai 2002

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